Use Call Reminder Notes mobile application to attach Reminders to Phone Book Contacts.

Reminder Notes are shown on screen during call, allowing you to access relevant information at the right moment, when you actually speak over the phone with a person.

After Call features pack gives you advanced options to effectively organize your after call activity (see detailed feature list below)

The application is available in the following languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Korean, Japanese and Traditional Chinese (Android only).


Create a Reminder Note and assign it to one or more contacts from your Address Book, Reminder will be shown on the screen during call

Reminder Note is automatically Deactivated after talking to the assigned contact(s)

Reminder Note can be set to remain Active even if you cancel/reject a call

Assign a Callback Alarm to a Reminder Note, to make sure the reminder is shown by a certain date (Android only)

Assign a Reminder Note to a contact directly from Call History (BlackBerry only)

Available on Google Play

After Call Features

Turn After Call features ON/OFF from Settings Screen

Assign Reminder, even if the number is not in your Phone Book

Create Calendar Event on your default phone Calendar

Create Google Task directly on your Google Account (Android only)

Edit Note to Contact directly in your Phone Book (BlackBerry only)